Palo Alto Networks Webinar: Turning a Corner - Security and the Cloud

05.03.15 15:30 – 05.03.15 16:30 Online

Join this webinar: Turning a Corner - Security and the Cloud

March 5, 2015 3:30 PM-4:30 PM CET


Public and private clouds are getting a big boost as new innovations in security extend what was once only available in the physical world, to the virtual. With a 91% increase in targeted attacks it's never been more critical that we build an effective strategy that extends from mobile, through the enterprise, and into the cloud.

Join this webinar to explore some of the latest innovations in cloud security, and talk about some of the organizational considerations you’ll run into along the way.  

We’ll also provide:

• Insights into specific vulnerabilities associated with private and hybrid cloud deployments

• Talk about how network, cloud and endpoint security are converging

• Share details on how security is evolving with network virtualization and software-defined data centers.



Heinz Neubauer

Account Manager

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