Symantec Webinar: Explore the Benefits of Endpoint Detection and Response Tools and Services

18.07.19 19:00 – 18.07.19 20:00 online

SYM-Webinar_Explore_the_benefits_of_Endpoint _Detection

Thursday, 18 July 2019 / 7 pm


Plagued by sophisticated threats, increasing workloads, and an ever-expanding attack surface, security teams are turning to Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools and Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR) services.
Join ESG and Symantec as we discuss how organizations are using solutions to improve their threat detection and response efforts, including:

  •  Trends impacting threat detection efforts
  •  How organizations are using EDR and MEDR solutions
  •  The benefits of using an MEDR service
Speaker: Jon Oltsik, Sr. Analyst, ESG 
                Bob Shaker, Adam Glick and Steve Meckl from Symantec


Walter Ludwig

Managing Director

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