Symantec Webinar: How to Ensure Your Data is Secure in AWS

31.07.19 15:00 – 31.07.19 16:00 online


How to Ensure Your Data is Secure in AWS

Wednesday, 31 July 2019 / 3:00 pm


Are you storing sensitive data and running business-critical operations in AWS? The news is full of stories about data exposure or loss involving misconfigurations, misuse, or compromised accounts in AWS. Analysts are urgently advising organizations to get automated controls and centralized management in place to secure their IaaS operations.

As a result, IT organizations are increasingly looking for security providers for solutions to provide visibility, behavior monitoring, access controls, data security, and threat protection for AWS.

Get security in place fast! Join us to learn how Symantec CloudSOC CASB can help you:

  •  Monitor activity and security configurations
  •  Control access and prevent risky changes or privileged misuse
  •  Detect malicious insiders and compromised accounts
  •  Keep S3 buckets private and secure confidential data with DLP
  •  Defend S3 buckets from advanced malware threats

Speaker: Deena Thomchick, Sr. Director, Cloud Security, Symantec




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