Symantec Webinar: Identify, Prioritize, and Remediate Vulnerabilities

01.08.19 15:00 – 01.08.19 16:00 online

SYM-Webinar_Doyouknowwhat threatsarelurking

Identify, Prioritize and Remediate Vulnerabilities

Thursday, 1st August 2019 / 3 pm


The number of security vulnerabilities discovered over the last few years has rapidly increased. 2018 was a record setting year with a total of 14,760 – more than double the amount from just 2 years earlier. In addition, many of the recent breaches have been due to known software vulnerabilities that had a patch available but had not yet been applied by the organization leaving them dangerously exposed. Identifying vulnerabilities, knowing which ones pose the greatest risk, and performing remediation is a major challenge for many organizations.

Please join us for a special webcast where we will discuss and demo how to quickly and efficiently identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities using Symantec Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager.

Speaker: Sharad Ghag, Principal Product Manager, Symantec Corporation




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