The Real Cyber Security Risks for ICS Networks - Palo Alto Networks Live Webinar

21.04.16 11:00 – 21.04.16 11:45 Online

Keeping the lights on

Join Palo Alto Networks for an informative webinar regarding the real cyber security risks for ICS networks.


It has been well known for some time now that cyber threats to critical national infrastructure has been escalating with attacks like Stuxnet (2010), Night Dragon (2011) Shamoon (2012) and the recent attack on a Ukraine Power Station all making headline news.

Of course, normal information assurance approaches used in the corporate environment may not be suitable for ICS. Challenges such patching or providing software updates onto a live system within an ICS network can leave some systems vulnerable to attack from malicious software.

Add to this the risk of third parties (such as support organisations and other entities in the supply chain) being given connectivity via remote access, the chance of new threats being introduced from outside of the organisation increases significantly.

Please join Palo Alto Networks for this live webinar on Thursday April 21st to discuss how the threat landscape to ICS has meant that legacy technologies are no longer effective in stopping the different types of Cyber threats whilst achieving the all important goal of keeping the process protected yet uninterrupted.  

In this session, we will demonstrate our advanced endpoint protection with a unique approach that prevents sophisticated attacks - both known and unknown.


Heinz Neubauer

Account Manager

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